Modernize Your Home with the Hamali Block Dining Table

Introducing Permata Furni, a FSC certified teak furniture manufacturer in Indonesia. Permata Furni specializes in creating high-quality, sustainable furniture pieces that are designed to last. From classic teak dining tables to modern outdoor furniture, Permata Furni has something for everyone. Their commitment to sustainability and quality craftsmanship makes them a leader in the industry.

The Hamali Block Dining Table is a perfect example of Permata Furni’s commitment to sustainability and quality. This modern dining table is made from reclaimed teak wood, which is sourced from old buildings and other sources. The wood is then treated and finished with a natural oil to bring out its unique grain and color. The table is also designed with a unique block pattern, which adds a modern touch to any dining room.

The Hamali Block Dining Table is a great choice for anyone looking for a stylish and sustainable piece of furniture. Its unique design and quality craftsmanship make it a timeless addition to any home. Plus, its FSC certification ensures that it was made with the highest standards of sustainability in mind. For those looking for a modern and sustainable dining table, the Hamali Block Dining Table is the perfect choice.

For more information on the Hamali Block Dining Table and other sustainable furniture pieces from Permata Furni, visit Reclaimed Teak Indoor Dining Table.